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Earnest drive against domestic child labour

"A child employed is a future destroyed"

  • 40,000 domestic child labourers in the city
  • Students take part in discussions on the menace
  • Bid to create a rehabilitation network is on

    HYDERABAD: "A child employed is a future destroyed," argues R. Venkat Reddy of the M.V Foundation, an anti-child labour group. "No child wants to work as a domestic help," says Mr. Reddy.

    Far from being charitable, this perpetuates poverty by denying school education, he notes. "There are 40,000 domestic child labourers in the city, mostly girls from the rural areas, brought here by giving some advance amounts to parents," says Mr. Reddy.

    For breaking into city apartments where children are completely out of public scrutiny, it needs a total strategy rethink. And it is here that a consortium of NGOs and Child Rights Protection Forum are roping in students to kick-start a change in mindset.

    To harness the energy, motivation and convincing ability of the youth, about 50 students from 15 colleges in the city were invited to discussions on child labour on Saturday.

    The purpose was to launch debates and discussions in college canteens, homes and apartments, so that by November 14, 2006, Hyderabadis will be able to say, " My home is child labour-free."

    Student groups from Osmania College, Aurobindo College, Law College, QQJPT College, Shri Sai College, journalism and social work students were more than willing to make a beginning through seminars and discussion groups.

    A parallel attempt to create a rehabilitation and support network with help of the district administration and the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is also being worked out.

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