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Suresh Krishnamoorthy
NGO's role in educating girls impresses EU team

European Parliamentarians visit bridge school run by MV Foundation

  • Team thrilled with girls' knowledge of Europe
  • Education will held eradicate child labour: Cong. MP
  • MVF chairperson briefs team on foundation's activities

    Aloor (Ranga Reddy DT.): "Childhood is our right. School is the place to be."

    These were full-throated slogans shouted by girls in the age group of 12 to 14 at the bridge school run by the M.V. Foundation (MVF) in this tiny village of Chevella mandal, about 60 km from the State Capital.

    The reverberations caused were part of the welcome extended to a European Parliamentarians' delegation, led by Neena Gill, chairperson, Committee on Budgets, during their visit on Sunday.

    The stories of what the girls were doing before MVF volunteers motivated their parents to send them to bridge school moved the delegation consisting of members from 10 European nations. What, however, thrilled them was when the girls recognised most of the countries. When a member hesitantly asked them if they had heard of Europe, a dozen hands shot up in the air, accompanied by a strong `Yes'. And when another young girl said English was her favourite subject, their joy knew no bounds.

    Worthy example
    Ms. Neena Gill said the MVF example was worthy of emulation in other parts of a country where an estimated seven million children were working as child labour when they should be in school. Shanta Sinha, chairperson, MVF presented a profile of the foundation's work and said that in over 700 villages of the district, 95 per cent of children were in schools.

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