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Dec 21, 2016:
Fabric of Slavery: Large-scale child slavery in Indian spinning mills making yarn for international garment brands (PRESS RELEASE ICN):
New research by the India Committee of Netherlands (ICN) shows that various forms of modern slavery, including child slavery, are found in more than 90% of the spinning mills in South India. These spinning mills produce yarn for India, Bangladeshi and Chinese garment factories that produce for the Western market.
The report Fabric of Slavery exposes the scale on which young girls and women - the majority of which are Dalits or 'outcastes' - are enslaved by employers who withhold their wages or lock them up in company-controlled hostels. They work long hours, face sexual harassment and do not even earn the minimum wage. Gerard Oonk, director of ICN: "We have raised the issue for five years now, but even to us the scale of this problem came as a shock."
Jun 1, 2016:
Infamous NGO Committee excludes human rights defenders from the UN (PRESS RELEASE IDSN):
For the 18th time since 2008, the Committee on NGOs has deferred IDSN’s application – the longest pending one of its kind – for UN ECOSOC consultative status. Two more questions from India have yet again delayed the process.


Dec 13, 2012: 
European Parliament adopts historic resolution on Dalits (press release IDSN)
Jul 18, 2012: 
Brands and politicians are starting to act: Bonded (child) labour in Indian garment industry draws global attention (press release SOMO/ICN)
May 24, 2012: 
Dalit rights activists enraged at the failure of Indian delegations to address questions raised at the UN (press release NCDHR)
Apr 25, 2012: 
Young Dalit women exploited in Indian garment industry: Despite industry's promises, young Dalit women continue to suffer exploitative conditions, reveals new report 'Maid in India' (press release SOMO/ICN)
Mar 5, 2012: 
Still 'Captured by Cotton'? Despite some improvements, priblems persist in the garment supply chain (press release SOMO/ICN)
Dec 2, 2011: 
Urgent Global Call for Action to End Caste Discrimination (press release IDSN)
Jul 1, 2011: 
Large majority in Dutch Parliament supports motion to combat caste discrimination: Dalit Network Netherlands pleased about Dutch policy support for 250 million Dalits (press release DNN)
May 20, 2011: 
Exploited Dalit Girls Produce Garments in India for European and US Markets (media release SOMO/ICN)
Mar 1, 2011: 
MEPs: The EU must act now to help end one of the biggest human rights issues in the world (press release IDSN)
Apr 15, 2010: 
National Call to Abolish Untouchability by Indian Dalit- and non-Dalit organizations (press release E&E Coalition)
Mar 9, 2010: 
Ten years of global struggle against caste discrimination (press release IDSN)
Apr 22, 2009: 
UN Racism Conference fails to address caste-based discrimination affecting 260 million people (press release HRW/IDSN/....)
Apr 20, 2009: 
Durban Review Conference: Break the UN silence on caste discrimination (press release HRW/IDSN/NCDHR)
Mar 27, 2009: 
European Parliament: Ensure that Dalits benefit from EU-India Free Trade Agreement (press release IDSN)
Mar 25, 2009: 
India must show leadership in combating caste-based discrimination, says UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (press release IDSN)
Apr 11, 2008: 
India questioned on caste discrimination in the UN (press release IMADR/NCDHR/IDSN)
May 16, 2007: 
Rights Groups Issue Concerns over India Uncontested bid for Re-election to the UN Human Rights Council (press statement FORUM-ASIA)
Mar 12, 2007: 
India: UN Finds Pervasive Abuse Against Dalits (press release CHR&GJ/IDSN/HRW)
Feb 21, 2007: 
'Making things worse': Lessons on caste discrimination from post-tsunami relief (media release DNN/IDSN)
Feb 13, 2007: 
India: 'Hidden Apartheid' of Discrimination Against Dalits (press release HRW/CHR&GJ)
Dec 19, 2006: 
European Parliament: India must get rid of caste discrimination (media release IDSN)
Nov 24, 2006: 
"We want to transform our pain to power": International Conference seeks urgent action on discrimination and violence against Dalit women (press release IDSN)
Mar 20, 2006: 
Caste-affected states do not reply to UN survey (media release IDSN)
Nov 22, 2005: 
UK Government to raise Caste Discrimination Internationally (press release Dalit Solidarity Network (UK))
Sep 4, 2005: 
Press release and report on "Dalit Houses Burnt Down in Haryana" (National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights)
Aug 11, 2005: 
Caste Discrimination Root Cause of Conflict in Nepal (press release CHRSJ)
Jun 23, 2005: 
Press release on Reservation in Private Sector (National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights)
Jun 21, 2005: 
Report demands UK companies act on caste discrimination (press release Dalit Solidarity Network (UK))
Apr 19, 2005: 
Dalits break through UN wall of silence on caste (press release ISDN)
Jan 11, 2005: 
Dalits face severe discrimination in India's tsunami relief efforts (press release ISDN)
Nov 5, 2004: 
EU-India Summit: Human Rights must be on the agenda! (media release FIDH, OMCT, IDSN)
Oct 20, 2004: 
Start of campaign 'Stop Caste Discrimination - Support the Dalits' (press release DNN)
May 14, 2004: 
Press Release of National Dalit NGO Federation, Nepal
Apr 26, 2004: 
Dutch government criticises India on caste discrimination and Gujarat
Jan 12, 2004: 
India's Dalits take to the road to raise awareness of 'hidden apartheid' (press release Minority Rights Group)