India Committee of the Netherlands
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Jan 2017:
Multi-stakeholder meeting on child labour in leather and footwear in Agra, India (16/17 February 2017) (Stop Child Labour):
On 16 - 17 February 2017, The Fair Labor Association, Stop Child Labour Coalition and iMentor are organizing a multi-stakeholder meeting titled Strengthening Children’s Rights and Decent Work in the Agra Leather and Footwear Cluster.
Dec 13, 2012:
Stop Child Labour welcomes positive steps by shoe companies – much remains to be done (Stop Child Labour):
After a slow start a year ago at this moment 27 of the 28 companies have finally engaged with Stop Child Labour and provided information on their policies and practices on combating child labour and their CSR policies more generally. Quite a few companies have informed us that they will take additional steps to prevent and combat child labour and/or be more transparent about this.
Jul 26, 2012:
Members of European Parliament raise pertinent questions about tackling child labour in global footwear industry (Stop Child Labour):
MEPs Ria Oomen-Ruijten and Thijs Berman together raised a number of questions to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs as well as the European Commission about child labour in the leather footwear industry. Triggering these questions is the report Where the Shoe Pinches of SOMO made at the request of Stop Child Labour.
Jun 11, 2012:
'We want childfriendly shoes!' Child labour in shoe manufacturing (Stop Child Labour):
Shoes produced by children are still for sale in the Netherlands. This is one of the main conclusions of a recent study conducted by SOMO and the Stop Child Labour campaign. The large majority of Dutch shoe companies refused to cooperate with this investigation and did not respond to a questionnaire about what they do to eradicate child labour.
Jun 26, 2002:
Fire kills at least 42 workers in shoe factory in India:
Shree Jee International, a footwear manufacturing unit based in Agra, India and exporting to among others the UK and Ireland caught fire between 10-00 am and 10-15 am in the morning of May 24, 2002; resulting in a devastating accident. According to official figures, 42 workers died in the accident and 11 were injured.