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  1. [drukwerk] Rock Bottom: Modern Slavery and Child Labour in South Indian Granite Quarries (Stop Child Labour/ICN, mei 2015)
  2. [drukwerk] Maid in India: Young Dalit Women Continue to Suffer Exploitative Conditions in India's Garment Industry (SOMO/ICN, apr 2012)
  3. [drukwerk] Captured by Cotton: Exploited Dalit girls produce garments in India for European and US markets (SOMO/ICN, mei 2011)
  4. [drukwerk] Still 'Captured by Cotton'? – Update on exploitation of women workers in the garment industry in Tamil Nadu, South India (SOMO/ICN, mrt 2012)

  5. Kinderarbeid in India (AO-reeks)

  6. Rapport A Tale of Two Companies

  7. Rapport Budhpura 'Ground Zero'

  8. Rapport Child Labour and Trans-National Seed Companies in Hybrid Cotton Seed Production in Andhra Pradesh

  9. Rapport 5x5 Stepping Stones for Creating Child Labour Free Zones

  10. [drukwerk] Kindersklaverei als Geschäftsmodell: Zwangsarbeit in Indiens Spinnereien (Südasien, mrt 2017)

  11. Rapport From Quarry to Graveyard

  12. Rapport Growing Up in the Dangerfields

  13. Rapport Small Steps Big Challenges

  14. Rapport Where The Shoe Pinches

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  17. --divers--

  18. La Crítica como Ritual: las Grietas de Unilever (3) (esferapública, 15 feb 2008):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  19. [drukwerk] Making Things Worse: How 'Caste Blindness' in Indian Post-Tsunami Disaster Recovery Has Excarbated Vulnerability And Exclusion (DNN, feb 2007):

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