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December 6, 2007

The Clean Clothes Responds to G-Star's Withdrawal from FFI/JKPL

Today G-Star announced its withdrawal from supplier FFI/JKPL. The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) and the India Committee Netherlands (ICN) are pleased that G-Star has finally taken this important first step toward socially responsible practices. Part and parcel of this decision should be G-Star's effort to maintain jobs for the workers of the FFI factory.

For the Clean Clothes Campaign and the India Committee Netherlands, the interests of FFI workers have always been the top priority. This remains the case. The CCC and the ICN believe that G-Star is in part responsible for the workers who produce its jeans, therefore we have urged G-Star to develop a responsible exit strategy upon severing its relationship with FFI. Detailed proposals to this end have been made to G-Star repeatedly.

Specifically, we have called on G-Star to divert its FFI orders to factories in the immediate vicinity that are willing to engage in socially responsible production. G-Star should stipulate that these factories give priority to FFI workers as they hire additional staff to fill the new orders. It is of the utmost importance that employment of FFI workers in Bangalore should be maintained.

In the interest of FFI workers, the Clean Clothes Campaign and the India Committee Netherlands feel that orders already placed with FFI should be completed by FFI. While these remaining orders are finished, G-Star should make it clear to FFI that new orders can be negotiated if, and only if, FFI withdraws the court cases and enters into dialogue with the local organizations involved. Today's statement from G-Star does not describe its plan to address the needs of FFI workers following the company's withdrawal. The Clean Clothes Campaign and the India Committee Netherlands call on G-Star to provide further details about their exit strategy without delay.

Despite G-Star's positive move today, the threat posed by international arrest warrants and the court case against eight employees of the Clean Clothes Campaign, the India Committee Netherlands and Internet provider Antenna remains. The court case and extradition request creates a very dangerous precedent for all NGOs working on human rights in India. It is, therefore, critical that G-Star commit itself to putting an end to the spurious legal case against CCC and the ICN and ensure that the arrest warrants are retracted.

Finally, the Clean Clothes Campaign and the India Committee Netherlands do not concur G-Star's description of the events leading to today's decision.

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The Clean Clothes Campaign is an international network of trade unions and NGOs that aims to improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry.

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