22 September 2006

Questions to the European Commission,
by Margrete Auken

Subject: 'Points of interest for the EU-India Summit'

  1. How does the Commission intend to promote equal opportunities for India’s ‘outcastes’ (Dalits), indigenous people (Adivasi) and other minorities in the context of the operations of EU-based companies and investors? Is the Commission, referring to the OECD Guidelines where non- discrimination is a crucial principle, willing to draw attention at the EU-India Summit to the Ambedkar Principles proposed by NGO’s and to recommend discussion on them at the EU-India Business Summit? (For Ambedkar principles see:

  2. NGO’s assess that more than half of India's children between the age 6 and 14 do not go to school of whom a disproportionate number are Dalits and Adivasi. Will the Commission raise the fact that India has not signed ILO Conventions 138 and 182 on child labour? (See e.g.:

  3. Will the Commission ask the Indian government how it intends to guide from work to school the millions of children who are prohibited to work as domestic workers in restaurants, eateries, hotels etc. from October 10th 2006 onwards as well as the millions of other children who are still working? (See press release and annexes:

  4. Will the Commission raise the issue of the millions of people, including many children, who are in forms of labour bondage and slavery as well as exploited as workers, of which in particular Dalits and Adivasi’s and even more their women, are the main victims. (See e.g.: