Landelijke India Werkgroep

(February 24, 2014)

Report European Parliament on freedom of religion and belief

India and Pakistan among ‘serious offenders’

In February 2014, the Working Group of the European Parliament on Freedom of Religion and Belief (EPWG) presented its 2013 report with 'conclusions and recommendations on freedom of religion and belief in the world’.

The report focuses on 15 countries as ‘serious offenders’ of these internationally recognized freedom rights. India and Pakistan are included. The report also makes recommendations to the (institutions of the) European Union to address the violations of freedom of religion and belief with more focus and more effective.

You can find the full report here: 2013 Annual Report - Conclusions and Recommendations regarding the situation of Freedom of Religion or Belief in the World (European Parliament Working Group on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Feb 2014)

Landelijke India Werkgroep - February 24, 2014