(Jun 13, 2012)

India’s ‘human rights exam’ at UN Human Rights Council

On the 24th of May India is undergoing its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the UN Human Rights Council. It is the second time that India has to do this 'human rights exam' in which it will be questioned by other countries on its human rights record and recommendations will be given to improve it. By the way: on October 30th 2012 it is Pakistan’s turn for the UPR.

The UPR is considered to be the most important UN Assessment of the implementation of international human rights obligations. The review is based on the report of the Indian government itself as well as on a range of report from NGOs and other institutions.
The report of the Indian government (Mar 6, 2008) can be found here.

A number of (coalitions) of organizations have submitted their report for India’s UPR. An comprehensive overview report of 14 prominent Indian organizations, united in the Working Group on Human Rights in India, is the report is het report Human Rights in India – An Overview (Dec 2011).

The National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights and the National Coalition for Strenghtening PoA (Prevention of Atrocities) Act also published a well-documented overview report under the title Joint Stakeholder’s Report on Caste Based Dicrimination in India (Mar 2012).

More statements and reports with regard to the India UPR: