Landelijke India Werkgroep
(July 23, 2012)

Stimulating Living Wage/Income in International Supply Chains

The report Living Wage in International Supply Chains concludes the first phase of the Stimulating Living Wage/Income in International Supply Chains project commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to consultancy firm Berenschot International for the period of January to June 2012. The overall mission of the project is to identify actors and factors that influence the implementation of living wage/income in developing countries. More specifically, the mission is to stimulate living wage/income in international supply chains through Dutch businesses. However, the content of the project (including the consultation of various non-Dutch) stakeholders is relevant for all businesses operating worldwide.

The report and the accompanying activities were largely triggered by the campaign on living wage of the Clean Clothes Campaign and the Asia Floor Wage campaign (AFW). See for more information:

The main objectives of this report are to identify universally agreed dimensions of a living wage, identify key stakeholders´ roles and make recommendations for implementation in order to start an active engagement with Dutch companies, to assess and increase their level of commitment to living wage in international supply chains.


- Living Wage in international supply chains: An inventory report

- Summary of the report

- Appendices to the report

Landelijke India Werkgroep / India Committee of the Netherlands - July 23, 2012