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Over 4-Lakh Children Work As Bonded Labour In India
- A Survey Report

Four lakh children, mostly girls and under 18, are involved as child labour in India’s cottonseed fields. The report stated that around 4,16,000 children under 18, nearly half of which are less than 14 years, are doing work in the States of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The overall number of such children has climbed up, as compared to the 2003-2004 harvest season, the report added.

The figures only decreased in Andhra Pradesh, on account of local as well as international pressure.

The study named “Child bondage continues in Indian cotton supply chain”, was mutually brought out by the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN), the International Labour Rights Forum (ILRF, USA), OECD Watch, German Agro-Action and OneWorld Net NRW of Germany.

The report said that the facts are based on field research and it has been composed by Dr. Davuluri Venkateswarlu, director of Glocal Research.

Gerard Oonk, ICN’s Director, said, “The report makes it chillingly clear that our cotton products are tainted with massive bonded child labour.”

“The companies involved, both Indian and multinational, concerned governments and international organisations, should make every effort to get the children out of this pernicious work force and are admitted into school,” Mr. Oonk added.

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