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Anti-christian violence in India

Dalits main victims

Feb 2014: Report European Parliament on freedom of religion and belief: India and Pakistan among 'serious offenders' (EP Working Group on Freedom of Religion or Belief)
28-8-2012: Activists highlight poor condition of Kandhamal survivors (UCAN India)
8-5-2011: Justice still eludes the Christian victims, and many are to blame for it (John Dayal)
18-3-2011: Deep in village, thugs enforce economic boycott of Christians (John Dayal)
26-12-2010: A Christmas Update From Kandhamal (John Dayal)
8-12-2010: Maoist violence delays church restoration / The Catholic parish of Batticola village that has vanished in thin air (John Dayal)
Aug 2010: Kandhamal's Forgotten Children: A status report (HAQ: Centre for Child Rights)
13-4-2010: Bhubaneswar: on the situation of minorities in Gujarat and Orissa (press release CDU/CSU-Fraktion im Deutschen Bundestag)
8-3-2010: Letter to Parliament about the EU-delegation that investigates the situation of victims of hindu-extremist violence in Kandhamal, Orissa (answers to questions in Dutch Parliament (8-2-2010))
8-2-2010: Questions in Dutch Parliament by ChristianUnion, SGP and CDA to the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the EU delegation investigating the situation of victims of hindu-extremist violence in Kandhamal, Orissa
5-2-2010: India: Orissa, Christian survivors to the EU: "Give us back our lives" (Asia News)
5-2-2010: More needs to be done for Kandhamal riot victims: European Union team (
5-2-2010: Kandhamal visit 'satisfactory': EU diplomats' team (Press Trust of India (PTI))
5-2-2010: Kandhamal riot victims asked to shun fear (Press Trust of India (PTI))
5-2-2010: EU team wants more help for Kandhamal riot victims (Raman Iver,
5-2-2010: EU diplomats cancel court visit after lawyers protest (Press Trust of India (PTI))
31-1-2010: EU team should not be allowed to visit Kandhamal : VHP (Press Trust of India (PTI))
30-1-2010: EU diplomats to visit Kandhamal on Feb 2 (Press Trust of India (PTI))
30-1-2010: Kandhamal riots case: 13 convicted, 17 acquitted (Press Trust of India (PTI))
29-1-2010: India Finally Allows EU to Visit Orissa, But No Fact-Finding (Compass Direct News)
29-1-2010: Orissa trip back on after government climbdown (
28-1-2010: Orissa allows EU delegation to visit Kandhamal (Press Trust of India (PTI))
28-1-2010: European Union cancels Orissa trip (Press Statement John Dayal)
13-1-2010: Protest Letters (Association of Victims of Kandhamal Communal Violence)
Dec 2009: Aftermath of Anti-Christian Violence in Orissa State, India (Christian Solidarity Worldwide)
23-7-2009: Archbishop of Orissa announces Day of Peace and Harmony (John Dayal)
3-4-2009: Put off poll in Kandhamal, Orissa, Archbishop tells Election Commission (Archbishop Raphael Cheenath, Bhubaneswar)
1-4-2009: BJP faces fire over nomination to riot accused (Debabrata Mohanty, Indian Express)
31-3-2009: Camp and Culpability (John Dayal)
Mar 2009: From Kandhamal to Karavali: The Ugly Face Of Sangh Parivar (fact finding report of nine Human Rights Organisations that visited Orissa & Karnataka in Sep-Oct 2008)
6-2-2009: Press Statement Archdiocese of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar
Jan 2009: Religiously-Motivated Violence & Discrimination against Christians: January-December 2008 (Briefing Christian Solidarity Worldwide)
Dec 2008: Persecution of Christians in the Indian federal state of Orissa (Report of investigation team of the Society for Threatened Peoples)
25-11-2008: Three months after start of India's unprecedented anti-Christian violence (Dr. John Dayal, All India Christian Council)
20-11-2008: Christian rally demands justice, security (Dr. John Dayal, All India Christian Council)
25-10-2008: Countering Fascist Forces: Defending the Idea of India (National Convention, 25-26 October 2008)
24-10-2008: "Orissa Police failed to protect me from rapists and attackers"
21-10-2008: Press Release Archbishop Raphael Cheenath (Cuttack, Orissa)
20-10-2008: "Christianity is part of our national heritage", Indian Prime Minister tells Kobia (World Council of Churches)
14-10-2008: Christians under attack in India (BBC News - South Asia)
11-10-2008: Coercing and terrorising a people into submission is not genuine dialogue (Joseph D'Souza/John Dayal, All India Christian Council)
5-10-2008: Orissa-like terror stalks Christians in Karnataka interiors (John Dayal, All India Christian Council)
4-10-2008: Anti-Christian Violence: The Toll, 24 August - 4 October, 2008 (John Dayal)
3-10-2008: Another Orissa district in grip of violence (Indian Express)
30-9-2008: Atrocities against Christians (Human Rights News Bulletin)
27-9-2008: Now, Karnataka (Frontline, Vol.25 No.20, Sep 27-Oct 10, 2008)
24-9-2008: EU MPs back trade deal with India, voice religion concerns / EP resolution of 24 september 2008 on the preparation of the EU-India Summit (29 September 2008) (Agence France Presse / EU)
19-9-2008: Observations and recommendations about continued violence in Kandhamal, Orissa (press release Red Cross Society, Bhubaneswar)
18-9-2008: Government of Orissa promotes violence (statement issued by AHRC, NCDHR and IDSN)
14-9-2008: State Government acquiesces in Sangh Parivar plan to wipe out Christianity from Orissa: Update 14 September (John Dayal)
13-9-2008: Communal Fire: Project Orissa / Communal card / Maoist hand? / Shock and pain / Uncertain future / Parivar's plans / Being a minority / Interview: Asghar Ali Engineer test / Conversion debate / Hindutva's second laboratory (Frontline, Vol.25 No.19, Sep 13-26, 2008)
4-9-2008: AICC demands government ban process of slaim VHP leaders ashes (press statement All India Christian Council)
29-8-2008: Kandhamal Massacres: Where is the State? - Central Government of India must stop the killings (Asian Centre for Human Rights)
28-8-2008: Ongoing violence against the Dalits in Orissa must be prevented immediately (Asian Human Rights Commission)
25-8-2008: Indian church condemns killing of Orissa VHP leader (John Dayal)
25-8-2008: Letter to the President of India - Seeking army/central forces intervention to protect Christians in Orissa as nun is raped, priest injured, churches and offices burnt in presence of police (John Dayal)
25-8-2008: Orissa anti-Christian violence - Update 25th August 2008
13-7-2008: Justice Basudev Panigrahi Judicial Commission begins Kandhamal anti-Christian violence hearings in Phulbani on 14 July 2008 (John Dayal)
6-3-2008: Still cases of discrimination Dalits and tribal Christians (John Dayal)
Mar 2008: Orissa violence figures in EU Parliament
23-1-2008: Report of the NCM visit to Orissa, 6-8 January 2008 (National Commission for Minorities)
7-1-2008: Riots in Orissa (Asian Age)
5-1-2008: (Non Government Report) On the violence in the Kandhamala District (Dr. John Dayal, Bhubaneswar)
4-1-2008: Christians killed, churches burned in India (The Baptist Standard)
2-1-2008: Communal cauldron: At cross purposes (Hindustan Times)
Jan 2008: Fact Finding Mission on the Violence against Dalits and Adivasis (National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights)
Jan 2008: Orissa: Anti Christian Violence (Issues in Secular Politics)
30-12-2007: Kandhamal’s communal cauldron on the boil (The Financial Express)

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