Overstromingen in India 2007

Het merendeel van de slachtoffers van de overstromingen in India is Dalit. Nieuws en achtergronden.....

Floods in India 2007

Most of the victims of the floods in India are dalits. News and background information.....

Aug 29, 2007: Letter from India: In flood lands of India, caste prejudices thrive (International Herald Tribune)
Aug 10, 2007: First report on Dalit flood in Bihar (NCDHR/Dalit Samanvay/EIDHR)
Aug 9, 2007: Washed away by corruption (Hindustan Times)
Aug 8, 2007: Critics: India Unprepared for Monsoons (Washington Post)
Aug 8, 2007: Floods find India wanting as climate change looms (Hindustan Times)

India Committee of the Netherlands / Landelijke India Werkgroep - 3 september 2007