India Committee of the Netherlands
the India Committee of The Netherlands (ICN) is an independent non-governmental organization,
based on solidarity with deprived groups in Indian society

NCDHR: UN experts slam India’s child rights policies
Shoe companies start tackling child labour and labour rights abuses
Child Labour Free Zones in India and Africa
"We want childfriendly shoes!" - Child labour in the shoe sector

Sumangali: Dalit girls exploited
Indian garment workers face harsh working conditions

Slavery and Child Labour in India's Hand-Made Carpet Sector
Minister Ploumen: Eradicate child labour and low wages in Indian seed sector 'as soon as possible'
Wages of Inequality: Women growing seeds for companies in India discriminated and underpaid
Bonded (child) labour in Indian garment industry draws global attention
The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises - A tool for responsible business conduct
New report Maid in India: Young Dalit women exploited in Indian garment industry

India’s Prime Minister and the President urge the nation to end casteism
UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women: Culture of impunity harms Dalit women
Cast an eye on the Dalits of India

Marble Quarry Workers of Makrana (report MLPC & Canberra University)
Launch TFT Responsible Stone Program
Mining and its effects on children, women, Adivasi and Dalits

Henri Tiphagne: Indian Human Rights Defender
The human rights situation in India
Anti-christian violence in Orissa

Dutch engineers take India’s warship building into “a new era”
Indian NGO: "Next Terror Strike: Endgame for India Pakistan"
Selected articles on the terror attack on Mumbai
India plans to spend more on defense if economy grows

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Indian Civil Society Under Threat
Indian Civil Society
Under Threat
Small Steps Big Challenges (FNV Mondiaal/ICN)
Sumangali: Dalit girl exploited....
Out of work and into school: Action plan for companies to combat child labour

Freedom of speech
in India

EU-India Free Trade Agreement
EU-India Free Trade Agreement

Stop Child Labour - School is the best place to work


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