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National Dalit NGO Federation, Nepal

May 14, 2004

After the Royal step of October 4, 2002, there is still political crisis in the Kingdom of Nepal. Since then, two prime ministers have been changed so far and country is in the process of looking for the third prime minister. On behalf of more than 4.5 million Dalits, who are laborious, rich in arts, skills and social architecture have been suffering from discrimination based on caste and analogous system, we would like to raise our voice against this. We do not feel to repeat the fact that the umbrella organisation of more than 200 such Dalit Organisations are always in favour of democracy, human rights and social equality.

The Royal action of October 4 has not only disturbed the Constitutional process but has neutralised the Constitution of Nepal 1990. And is clear that it has captured the rights of civilians too. In the country, where we believe in multiparty democracy and constitutional monarchy, it is the people who have right to select their own Prim-minister but not the King.
To collapse the democracy and human rights are not at all accepted by the Dalits and we protest against the same. The movement launched by the five political parties against the regression from the last one-year has not only been to the accordance but has been the necessity. After such movement, the government formed by Lokendra Bahadur Chand and Surya Bahadur Thapa has already failed. After the resignation of Surya Bahadur Thapa, the people have expected to have a political solution to some extend. Now in this very situation, we would like to join hands in the demand of political parties of forming government who will be having complete right and reforming of House of Representatives and through which a dialogue with result should come regarding the Maoist problem.

In the process of dialogue with Maoist Rebels, if necessary we should not hesitate even to go for round table conference or forming of all party government or preparing new Constitution. The foremost facility in a democratic country in which people can make their constitution is the Constitutional Assembly. Therefore by making Constitutional assembly should insured proportionate representation of Dalits, Indigenous Nationalities, religious minorities and Women from bottom top levels. As such a reserved quota of 20% shall be provided to the Dalits, which is our strong recommendation. Only after that, the 18 points program presented by five parties would be possible and meaningful. Everyone should be aware of this otherwise country would be facing a more critical problem.

In the due of democracy of more than 14 years of practice, no has been able to understand the Dalits and their status. The main cause of this seems to have been the misconceptions of the people regarding the gender, caste, ethnicity, and religion discrimination. In the problem of untouchables, Dalits have not been provided the chance to serve the nation; they were never appointed in the executive levels. More than that they could never live their life as a general public too. All the Dalits of different places have presented themselves as a freedom fighter for democracy. This is well known to everyone, democracy and human rights is the base of this federation, we have always presented ourselves in the front line in this "regression" too. We always protest the conspiracy that is against the democracy and human rights. Also, we would like to give our consent to the proposal of keeping United Nation a mediator, in case of forming all parties committee to decide against the war and bring peace and prosperity to the nation in the democratic way.

As such, we have already published the Pro-Dalit Politic to participate the Dalits in decision-making of the nation. Understanding the argument and theme of the subject, we expect that the political parties have to bring special programs to uplift and participate Dalits in the various activities. Now the new forming government has to build the proper policy for compulsory participation and proportional ratio of the Dalits as the representatives. At the last but not the least, Dalit NGO Federation would like to recommend the new forming government for the participation of all the Women, ethnic groups, minorities and of course the Dalits in the Cabinet.

D B Sagar Bishwakarma
National President
National Dalit NGO Federation, Nepal

Landelijke India Werkgroep - 19 mei 2004