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December 9, 1985

Start of Campaign    

The India Committee of the Netherlands, a non-governmental voluntary organization, is starting this month with the campaign: 'EEC MILK OUT OF INDIA!'. The campaign is meant in the first place to stop the vicious circle of EEC dairy aid to, and animal feed imports from India. It is directed at the European Parliament, the European Commission (the 'executive board' of the EEC), the parliaments and governments of the EC-member countries and the compound feed industry in these countries.

For 15 years already the EEC is supplying India with large amounts of dairy aid for the national dairy development programme called Operation Flood. One of the official aims of this programme is to make India self-sufficient in milk production by 1985. Instead India is now more dependant on imports than ever. At the same time India is exporting large amounts of highly nutritive animal feed to the EEC, while there is a serious shortage in India itself. With this feed India could produce six to ten times the amount of milk that it has received in the form of EEC dairy aid during Operation Flood II (1978 - 1985)!
Dairy aid also plays an important role in the production of commercial babyfood, to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of babies. As part of Operation Flood a cross-breeding programme of Indian cows with western dairy animals is being implemented. This programme will lead to a reduced availability of coarse foodgrains, concentrate animal feed and animal draught-power for agriculture.

For the period 1986 - 1990 India has again asked the EEC for dairy aid. In the first half of 1986 (probably April or May) a decision will be taken on this.

We are urging:

  • phase out dairy aid to India within two years
  • no dairy aid for bottle feeding
  • no aid for exotic cross-breeding in India
  • stop EEC animal feed imports from India
More information on the above-mentioned issues you will find in the enclosed campaign manifesto 'EEC MILK OUT OF INDIA!' The manifesto is based on a book which is published in the Dutch language. 'India as EEC Milch Cow' is the translated title. A shorter version of this book and possibly some chapters will soon be available in English.

India Committee of the Netherlands / Landelijke India Werkgroep - April 5, 2005