India Committee of the Netherlands
+++ In solidarity with the oppressed in India +++


The ICN participates in coalitions and co-operates with numerous local organisations. Below one can find a list of important partners and networks.

Partners & Coalitions > Child Labour

Campaign Stop Child Labour
This European coalition (the Dutch branch made up by Hivos, FNV Mondiaal, the Algemene Onderwijsbond, ICCO, Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland and ICN) advocates for abolition of child labour worldwide and adequate education for all children by urging companies, governments and consumers to strive towards these aims. Stop Child Labour closely cooperates with organisations in India and Africa. [website Stop Child Labour]

MV Foundation
For over 20 years MV Foundation is combatting all forms of child labour in a specific area in collaboration with the local population. It works on establishing Child Labour Free Zones. Child Labour Free Zones are areas without child labour of which hundreds are established now. Meanwhile, more than one million children are withdrawn from work and reintegrated into formal schools. The MV Foundation also trains organisations in India and Africa in their fight against child labour. [website MV Foundation]

Manjari focuses on the development of women and children through awareness raising and capacity building in communities. In 2013 Manjari started its activities in establishing and strengthening Child Labour Free Zones in the sandstone quarry area Dhabi-Budhpura. [website Manjari]

Partners & Coalitions > Dalits

Dalit Network Netherlands (DNN)
A small coalition of Dutch organisations committing themselves nationally and internationally to fight caste discrimination through lobbying and education. DNN now consists of Mensen met een Missie, ICCO & Kerk in Actie and the India Committee of the Netherlands. [website Dalit Network Netherlands]

International Dalit Solidarity Network (IDSN)
An international solidarity network, uniting development and human rights organisations from all over the world in campaigning against caste discrimination. In the network organisations from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal cooperate with other coalitions of solidarity organisations in seven European countries. The Dalit Network Netherlands is one of them. Organisations such as Human Rights Watch, Anti-Slavery International and Minority Rights Group are active members as well. The National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights and the National Federation of Dalit Women are important Indian members. [website International Dalit Solidarity Network]

National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR)
A coalition of Dalit organisations in India fighting locally, nationally and internationally to improve the position of the Dalits. [website NCDHR]

An organization in Gujarat committed to the empowerment of the Dalits, including fighting untouchability and atrocities against Dalits and by education to Dalit children.

Partners & Coalitions > CSR

MVO Platform
The MVO Platform (CSR Platform) is an alliance of Dutch civil society organisations in the field of human rights, labour rights, development cooperation, environment and consumers. The CSR Platform contributes to information exchange between organisations in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and calls on the Dutch government and parliament to ‘ambitiously stimulate CSR’ and ‘make it possible through regulation ... that companies can be held accountable.’ The MVO Platform also consults with employers' associations and other umbrella business organisations or initiatives on promoting CSR. The ICN is a member of the MVO Platform. [website MVO Platform]

Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC)
The CCC does research into working conditions in the garment industry in different countries, campaigns to urge garment brands to make their supply chains sustainable, and supports local organisations which have urgent problems. ICN is active member of the CCC, contributes to research and campaigns, and maintains the contact with Indian partner organisations. ICN also brings the campaign under the attention of ministries and members of parliament. [website Clean Clothes Campaign]

SOMO (Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations) is an independent not-for-profit research and network organisation. SOMO focuses on sustainable development, both socially, ecologically and economically. SOMO investigates multinational corporations and the impact of their activities on humans and environment worldwide. SOMO also hosts a number of coalitions such as the MVO Platform. For example, ICN collaborates frequently with SOMO in research on companies. [website SOMO]

Non-governmental organisation in Tamil Nadu which among others defends garment workers and fights child labour in the textile and garment industry and other sectors. [website SAVE]